How To Lose A Phone in 10 Hours

While we can’t take credit for this awesome (and completely accurate), depiction of what life  might be like if you lost your cell phone for a day, it hit so close to home that we had to re-blog it. Thank you to the author for writing this… the daily dose of humor is much appreciated!

Article reblogged via Gin & Lemonade:

Proof of life before mobile phones. I really miss it. Image via Wikipedia

Let’s say you forgot your phone somewhere. Left it on your desk at work, in your locker, in a field, dropped it down a toilet.

This is what you might do while you waited to retrieve your phone, if you were in this purely hypothetical situation:

Call it. Five times. To make sure it isn’t in the house. Curse silent-mode. Stare at your bag, where your phone should be. Lift the bag and call your phone again, to see if you can ‘feel the vibrations’. The only thing you feel is like an idiot.

Panic. What if people are trying to reach you and your phone is whispering feebly somewhere, unanswered? Let’s just say, as an example, that somewhere is on your desk at work, where you are not.

Get real. You know your partner is indeed coming home.  No, he did not choose this night to get run over by a bus only because you don’t have your phone, and no one could reach you if he was in traction in a hospital across town.

Breathe, and feel free.  All the important people, parents, your decidedly unbroken partner, friends, hospital staff have or could get your home number, and call you there.  Everyone else is on Facebook.  Even your Great-Aunt who lives in Florida. Who is actually great, and really does live in Florida. You are not disconnected.  From anyone.

Rejoice when your partner comes home.  For the purposes of this story, let’s call him Sarge. Ask him to call your phone, just in case it hasn’t slipped under a book. Because you just may live somewhere where everything lost can be found under a book. No phone, lots of books. Pretty good deal.

Aforementioned boyfriend might ask, ‘Have you lost your phone?’ And you might answer, ‘No, we’re on a break.’

Watch the news You can still do that, on something they call the television. Senseless murders and stupid taxes still happen, phone or no phone.

Replace Angry Birds with Chopped, on this groovy thing they call the Food Network.

Go to bed and finish your forty-first book of the year. You would know this if you happened to be counting them.

Stop reading.

The next morning, you might go into work. On your day off.  Just to pick up your phone. The one you may have left on your desk the day before. Your co-workers may have been expecting you.  Because they read about your lost phone on Facebook.

This post is based on based on true events.  Maybe.

via How To Lose A Phone in 10 Hours.


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