Kreatively Kool: An Interview with Mariano Diaz, Art Director at 2Kool 2B True

Born on the sunny streets of Miami, 2Kool 2B True aims to ‘spread the vibrating culture, impersonate street smarts and deliver bad-ass apparel.’ With influences from Miami, New York, and L.A., their mixture of fresh and unique styles combined with their astonishing attention to detail, bring an edgy, but realistic, urban street vibe to each design. Recently, skinit had the chance to get inside the mind of Art Director, Mariano Diaz, and as you will see, 2k2bt is undoubtedly Kreatively Kool. Read on…

what is true is the unique,   interpretative vision he brings to everything he makes.

Q:  What goes into the whole creative process behind any 2k2bt Design?

2k2bt: We’re always looking for inspiration from the artistic expressions that we see everyday in Tattoo Art, Graffiti, Industry Magazines and other sources that allow us to bring our ideas to life. Sometimes is just an idea that I start sketching and share with the team.

We get together with our team at points when we feel we have a few ideas that are ready to be shared.  Once we see something that’s special and it’s a go, we don’t stop until we feel we love it. We also throw some designs or ideas at our fans in FB to see what their reaction is. It’s a good indication of whether something is going to work or not. 

Q: What do you think is the overall message that 2k2bt – as a company – hopes to convey?

2k2bt: That people can find creativity everywhere. Our ideas sometimes come from a wall full of graffiti, or from a new friend in Facebook. So just let your mind run free and throw ideas onto a napkin or a piece of paper. You never know what’s gonna stick.

Q: Do you have any particular design that you’ve done that you would consider your favorite? If so, what is it and why is it your favorite?

2k2bt: Sorry to be a bit conventional, but it’s hard to pick a favorite. What I can say though, is that I love our “face” designs, because I love the expressions we can convey through them. We also have some “hot, sexy ladies” in our designs that I wish I could bring to life…

Q: What inspires you personally?

2k2bt: Funny, creative people. Think Howard Stern. The dude can capture an audience for hours by talking mostly about his life and experiences. Our friends from Miami Ink Chris Garver, James Hamilton, Darren Brass. We talk a lot about art and designs. 

Q: Who, in the art scene, are you a fan of? Why?

2k2bt: Nobody current. When it comes to art I like the dark mind of Dali. I enjoy reading and looking at books of his art. It makes you look deep into the details and create your own conclusions about what his art represents.

Q: To date, what has been your greatest/most memorable experience at 2k2bt?

2k2bt: The reaction I get from people when they see our designs. No matter where we go or where we show our designs, people seem to be amazed by the level of detail that we put into our artwork. They tell us to put them in art galleries and that’s very cool to hear…

Q: What has been one of your greatest achievements?

2k2bt: Personally being able to visit the Louvre in Paris and seeing so much art from so many incredible minds in one place. I could’ve been there for days just studying the detail that went into some of those paintings and sculptures. Working side by side with the Miami Ink crew and traveling around the globe.

Q: It’s 2020. What are you doing? Where are you?

2k2bt: Wow… 9 years from now… hopefully traveling around the world with no set place to live. Just experiencing different cultures and breathing life into my brain every day.

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Visit 2k2bt, and be sure to check out their exclusive line of Inked+2K2BT tees at InkedMag.


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